The Escape from Marwinia

A hop, skip and jump, falling, fighting, victories, frights, revelations, reconciliation and ultimate involuntary sacrifice to the madness of the sentient forest.

Originally composed in 2005 and recorded while performed from a combination of orchestral and electronic instruments, the evocative soundtrack whisks the listener on a journey across a bizzaare twisted world where fantasty meets a crazed glimpse into the mind and life experiences of the artist.

This is an amazing tune, it’s simply one of the best I’ve heard to this day. There is a lot to learn for me from this, but what is really important: this tune is fun to listen too! It has beautiful melodies, lots of them, a whole palette of moods, from calm and epic to alarmed and victorious, it is so full of music, you want to listen to it again and again! Also, this tune tells a story. A story that ends well. Mister composer, thank you for this revelation.

Louigi Verona – CTG Music

What a charming piece of music. You obviously have good understanding of harmonies and of how to put an orchestral piece together. I appreciate the gentle panning..the drums are really cool. Very professionally produced but its in its struture where I must admit to being totally impressed. The transitions between movements are pretty much seamless. A deserved high score and high chart rating. Excellent

“Viba” – CTG Music

Studio Notes

2005 was an uninspiring year, therefore nothing happened at all. Music took a sideline while life engaged and it’s been pretty much like that up until now. At time of writing this column I’ve just released “Escape from Marwinia”, it’s not my best piece but it is again a dabble in a genre I often avoid trying to do. Being more of a re-acquaintance with composing than an actual emotional experience, I found it quite enjoyable to compose.

September 4th 2005 notes posted on

Equipment used:

  • Roland XP60 Workstation
  • Korg Z1 Synth
  • Korg Triton Classic Workstation
  • Nord Rack I Synth
  • Emu ESI4000 Turbo Sampler
  • Mackie 1604 VLZ PRO Mixer
  • Emagic AMT8 MIDI Patchbay
  • Lexicon MPX 100 Digital Processor
  • PC 933Mhz Celeron 1GB
  • Terratec EWX 24/96 Soundcard

Cover Art

29th May 2007

A Review of “The Escape from Marwinia”

It’s a redheat tune. It’s epic. It’s everything I would expect it to be, and here’s why:-

It’s been a year now since I first heard this, and as with the fantastic Discovery, I’ve taken the same approach with reviewing it – take a years worth of listening, to see if I still feel the same way. I have to say, I dont feel the same about it, as I did last year – it’s grown more on me.

The tune starts off nice and slow, and builds into some sort of grand party of some sort, then suddenly the mood changes, and a kind of sadness fills the air…

There is a fanfare that offers hope, then suddenly the entire track turns into a mad struggle for survival, the tempo gets fast, the melodies get fast, and BAM, in drop one a fabulous piano melody, which itself goes fanfare itself, still with the high energy tempo, and it’s incredibly gorgeous on my ears… Inspiring, definately. Inspiring.

Makes you want to get up from the lazy chair and do somethign amazing for yourself… You can’t though, how could you leave this tune?. Impossible. at 3:26, the tempo drops, the mad rush is over, and we’re now treated to a mellow part, with some victorious bells playing over some pizzacato plucks, which lead into a short melody, and then, lead to a slow build, with some crystal sounding glockenspiel melody…. its amazingly epic…

Suddenly, there is the start of something, a march starts to play away in the backgound, slowly building, then …. then…….BANG in comes darkness, really eerie sounds play, like you’re lost in a dark forrest at midnight, and something is chasing you.

It’s really something, and it keeps you right there at the end of your seat. Trust me, music was made for telling stories, and redheat shows he is a master of his game.

After the darkness, the is a oboe? lead, chased by a violin, then without warning, the theme changes swiftly to a very immensly playful tune, like some sort of hobgoblins drinking, arguing, fighting, andf generally being silly and obnoxious…. Awesome. And there we have it. The tune is sadly, over.

Overall this track is a brilliant as it is technically excellent and audially orgasmic. I cannot think of a single reason to not give this less than 10/10, because to me, it’s flawless.

A year ago, I couldn’t help make comparisons to Discovery, and that is the main reason I chose to wait a year to review it. I was right to do this, because today, there are no comparisons to be made, this has nothing to do with Discovery, this is Escape From Marwinia! and I wont ever forget it.

By Martin Kilner aka Slammy

Performed By: Redheat

Album UPC: 194171475498

ISRC: ushm21987502

Label: Sonic Soundscapes

Released: 2006-01-01 (First released 2005)

BPM: 107

Year: 2005

Genres: New Age: Contemporary, Instrumental, New Age: New Age