Dreams are Forever

This is such a dream sequencesque (?) tune, and alot of emotion flows through me while listening to this. Haunting and mystical, and the pipes flow very easily. One of your best tunes to date.
One to listen to time and time again.

Reviewed by Stuart Hayes on 17-oct-2001 

A nice peaceful flight over a countryside somewhere in the east. Soaring west over rolling hills towards a setting sun. A nice track.

Reviewed by Al Grego on 28-nov-2001

I would put this piece under the label: melodic easylistening. Also “Dreams are Forever” gave me flashback of the Amiga demo-music of the early 90s which also was heavily influenced by melodies of Vangelis and co. When you listen this track more than once you will find nice elements in it. 

Reviewed by Tatu J. Lund on 24-oct-2001 

A uplifting melodic piece with good arrangements. Good sound quality and well put together tones. I visit your music page from regularly. Sometimes I just get the urge to hear some Red Heat. Keep up the good work!

Reviewed by Ian Henderson on 15-may-2002

Studio Notes

This is a new style for me (yet again).. I wanted to experiment with some guitaring moods and pan flutes… so, here I am presenting ‘Dreams are Forever’, sit back and enjoy the flight. Hopefully this one will help those out there with their ‘lost’ minds find a safe way home.

Original release note, 2001

Equipment used:

  • Roland XP60 Synthesiser
  • Emu ESI4000T Digital Sampler
  • Unitor AMT8 Midi Patchbay
  • Terratec 24/96 Audio Interface
  • Cakewalk Pro Audio 9

Cover Art

Performed By: Redheat

Album UPC: 194171475375

Label: Sonic Soundscapes

Released: 2001

ISRC: ushm21987353

Year: 2001

Genres: New Age, Eclectic, Downtempo