What’s the difference…

Between a meteoroid, meteor and meteorite? Juleah explains. This is a friend of mine, a member of the Space Pants Squad, and an amazing space-wear designer. Juleah is incredibly hard working, funny, energetic & quirky. YouTube channel My favourite things about Jupiter Those being Juleah’s favourites 😀

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The Personal Touch

This is definitely me. Fidget is an understatement in my case, and the only escape is to do/make something. That’s what happened to my hands. I was given a fidget spinner, I can’t stand the bloody thing it is such a useless waste of time, tick tock- what’s to do next? Go go go. This […]

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De Efteling

Today at the Efteling we discovered a new area that has been sneakily added to an existing path but wanders off – it’s quite beautiful. Not gonna tell you where it is, I don’t like spoiling stuff – instead have a listen to something I wrote about this place nearly 17 years ago =)

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