X My Pi!

Remastered with fully re-recorded material directly from a real Commodore Amiga, composed in AHX Tracker.

Have an Amiga and would like to try out AHX yourself? Grab the AHX User Manual Redux from GitHub. Dale over at dope.fish put the printable booklet PDF manual together with the help of numerous contributions (mine included!) making it a superb resource to pick up & print.

Many of these tunes exploit bugs (out of bounds parameters) to cause some glitch effects. Naturally, emulators/PC-playback routines didn’t anticipate this and summarily crashed to pieces when these were first released.

If you have a fairly up-to-date copy of XMPlay with the hivelytracker-ahx plugin, you should be golden to play the original source files, available here:


An updated version of AHX for high-end Amigas, supporting up to 16 channels of AHX synthesis- Hivelytracker. Compatible with AHX and has its own format (HVL) for advanced synthesis such as ring-modulation.

We’re Fucking 3LN!


This demo came 2nd in the wildcard demo compo at The Ultimate Meeting, screened in Germany over the Christmas period of 2011. Behold it in all of its majesty. You won’t know what hit you until its all over. 👀

A NSFW Sweary Song about a collective only associated by length of their name.

The 3 letter nickname brigade presents:

Synthpop extravaganza, crafted in Renoise and coded in PHP by m0d aka RedHeat 👀 Yep 🤮