Life of the Lady Bugs

Risking having the two most important loves of my life in one place is a serious worry, at the same time. Bringing mother along too for a memory refresh- places where she once brought me here as a toddler on my first abroad educational holiday for the volcanoes. I also rescued 4 beached stranded Lady bugs, gave them fresh water and let them hitch a ride to some shelter and vegetation- sparse on the volcanos. Music is Part 1 of my new unfinished instrumental album “Imagin”

Lanzarote – 2019

First vacation since Ilona-Ruby’s miraculous treatment, its been a hell of a time getting to this moment, and its all on me to pull all the suitcases and I don’t mind one bit. 😎

Here’s our vacation video and a nifty soundtrack made in an 8-bar mono-synthesizer called Figure.

It doesn’t actually have a sequencer, so the output is recorded live while each 8-bar files is swapped in realtime. Heh! 🤣