New Cover Art: X My Pi

It has been a while since the original ”X My Pi” album release and in that time the original cover art has become somewhat tired.

While giving the entire website a fresh lick of paint, the album artwork has been revisited and reimagined to bring out its Commodore Amiga heritage!

Unfortunately it is not possible to retrofit the artwork on to the published album that is currently released the many streaming services, however those who have purchased the album via Bandcamp already have the new artwork.

I hope you like it 🙂


Red Reflections: Renewal Rejuvenation & Relaxation

Red Reflections track, a timeless beautiful new-age track from RedHeat – Sonic Soundscapes. Featuring brand new cover art reimagining its musical soundscape in unprecedented detail.


Cover Art

Tubular Bells III: iPad Pro Test Drive

Models created in Shapr3D, textured in Procreate, Rendered in Matter, composited in Luma Fusion, all on a freakishly fast first of its kind iPad- the iPad Pro. The compositing can run in realtime.

Music by Mike Oldfield.

3D models created by hand, with the exception of the radar data modelling Asteroid Bennu (from Earth-based radar) provided by NASA.