Download/Play Streaming The complete album is also conveniently available on Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, CDBaby, Deezer and Amazon Released 20th January 2019. Description: Origins is a collection of interconnected instrumental pieces with strong world influences in an easy listening format. This album is designed to be played end to end, with each piece flowing into the […]

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NASA Juno Artwork Update

An email I recently received an email from Candy Hansen-K of NASA about the contributions to the JunoCam mission. Good news! Hi, I’d like to take a moment to thank you for all of your hard work and participation with Mission Juno. We have enjoyed your processed JunoCam image contributions!  Radical media is creating a […]

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NASA Juno Competition Update!

I received a message via Twitter from the CEO & President of the largest and most reliable rocket launching company in the world – ULALaunch. They own rocketbuilder.com- if you wanna order a real Atlas V or Delta IV heavy. This was the message: You[r] cool Juno art, on display at the ULA Headquarters Tory […]

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Travelling Light

I have made some photographic artwork inspired by light, jet turbines and the smell of kerosine in the dark. You can find the pictures here: Eindhoven Airport Portfolio 2016 Eindhoven Airport Portfolio 2017 All pictures were taken with iPhone 5, which limited the resolution somewhat, but the results are pleasing. Each night capture takes approximately […]

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Ice Palace – Juno with Jupiter

NASA Juno (pictured) inspired works. Jupiter is deadly to all life as we know it, this image illustrates several darker, not so obvious aspects of mortality, created as an album cover for Ice Palace, an ambient crystalline ethereal binaural audio experience- composed to conjure the cold vastness of space, the beautiful swirling storms of Jupiter.

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Here Be Dragons, Maybe.

An unexpected update: Two weeks pass after the submitting the first version of the painting, I honestly believed there would be floods of entires to the competition, but I sent mine in knowing that at least I had contributed something to the occasion. It was very therapeutic for me. What happened next was most unexpected:

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