Red Reflections

Background: silhouette of a wind turbine, Water-colour silhouette of a Nordex N100, photographic reference. Created 23rd May 2016, 21:51 CET at Eindhoven Airport. Date of turbine erection: May 2016. Location: A58, Oirschot. Satellite view: the above turbine whilst still under construction. Location: A58, Oirschot Approximate date: April 2016 Lucky to be Alive 4th November 2016– […]

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The Turbine

This is quick sketch of a brand new wind turbine that has been erected nearby on the A58 highway between Breda & Eindhoven. There are four in total, and stand right next to the road. Painted over with “watercolour” the resulting image became the signature hidden within many of my other “paintings”.

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