A wonderful journey. Totally visual and enjoyable. A professional piece. I felt as though I was at River Dance or Yanni concert. Very well played and interesting throughout. Nice interludes.This piece is well suited for audio visual background music or other media. Above average and worth the listen. If I could spell Cirque de Sole I would say it fits the bill! I saw the performance in Las Vegas an it reminds me of this! Good luck

Larry Neil on 21-may-2002

Oh my God! This has to be better than ***! (or at least a close second!) A beautiful journey through countless music styles. It sounds like a full scale orchestra but it is in fact one guy on a synth! Often compared with Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells this is a definitive musical extravaganza that deserves to be a film theme! A must-download!!!!

Mikey J on 11-may-2002

Cover Art

Studio Notes

Retrospective is somewhat of a mega journey through a lot of ‘scenes’. Based loosely on my past work, I’ve bought to you and up-to-date epic using the music. Flowing through serene complex movements before throwing itself into something a little more paced and tense. I hope you enjoy the relaxing interludes, retro-synths, and intense atmospheres within this song.

Redheat, June 9th 2003

Now this is the phase [2002-2004] which I’m really enjoying my music. I feel that my music ability is really now beginning to blossom and becoming flexible enough for me to shape my musical environment, allowing me to really express myself the way I want to.

Redheat, September 4th 2005

Equipment used:

  • Roland XP60 Workstation
  • Korg Z1 Synth
  • Korg Triton Classic Workstation
  • Nord Rack I Synth
  • Emu ESI4000 Turbo Sampler
  • Mackie 1604 VLZ PRO Mixer
  • Emagic AMT8 MIDI Patchbay
  • Lexicon MPX 100 Digital Processor
  • Korg Karma (only for a short while).
  • PC 933Mhz Celeron 1GB
  • Terratec EWX 24/96 Soundcard

Performed By: Redheat

Album UPC: 194171475498

ISRC: ushm21987508

Label: Sonic Soundscapes

Released: 2003

BPM: 118

Year: 2003

Genres: New Age: Contemporary InstrumentalNew Age: New Age