Arisen X

Arisen X

Studio Notes

This piece is an instrumental written to evoke foreboding thoughts that are then balanced with equal parts that ebb between calm pleasure and an uneasy sense of impending doom. This track either ends abruptly or loops back to the beginning depending on how you want to experience it. This is a representation of the inability for us as a species to really pull together on anything so we sit back with our pleasures and complacent apathy, ultimately leading us to our inevitable fate.

I am grateful for what we have during peace time.

Equipment used:

  • Composed and produced on an Apple iPad Pro with Garageband.
  • Mastered in Final Touch iOS
  • Artwork post production in Procreate iOS


Performed By: Redheat

Album UPC: 198003184305

ISRC: uscgh2288161

Label: Redheat

Released: 2022-03-01

Year: 2022

Genres: Contemporary Instrumental, Down Tempo

Mood: Featuring Piano, Melancholic, Suspense, Overture