Red Reflections

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You have a GOD given talent an uncanny sense for making music that penetrates the mind the senses in a very positive way. You have the ability with your music to “TRANCEPORT” the listener to anywhere there mind will take them. Just yesterday I purchased your “TRANQUILITY” CD from because I found your music on that CD to be so incredibly great to listen to. So keep up the great work you’re doing keep your incredible music flowing. Thanks for all the musical enjoyment you are bringing me. (Red Reflectons – the newer version of Tranquility)

Kenneth Rawlins on 18-oct-2001

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Red Reflections

Myohmy… RedHeat is defenitely worth being checked out especially if you’re into that Jarre/Vangelis/Tangerine Dream kind of electronic music. “Dreams are Forever” is a sweet positive track with nice arrangement of both synth and “realistic” sounds…

“Red Reflections” at the beginning is a very vangelis-like hymn that later turns into eurotrance tune where the percussion stays a bit in the background. Well done alltogether and worth being added to my station! :o)

Michael Briel on 25-jan-2002

Rolling themes of natural beauty encompass these tunes by RedHeat. A wonder filled injection of peace and tranquility follows you while listening to “Red Reflections”.

Truly trancendental when the duration of this piece goes unnoticed and brings you out of time to revel in it’s own existance

Chaz the Spaz on 28-nov-2001

Crying Out

This track really is the epotome of ambient music. Good use of dynamics and samples really keeps it low key and constantly flowing in and out. Definitely one track I can listen to again and again without getting bored; good work.

Reviewed by Kevin Chow on 17-oct-2001 

This in my humble opinion is effectful Enigma-inspired ambient music at its best. A smooth rhythmic bass line carries the piece forward without ruining the serene atmosphere.

There is some sort of vocal part in here which bears a strong resemblance to the vocalist found in ”Return to Innocence” on the Enigma 2 album. It has been mended gently into the actual composition so that it doesn’t poke out and ruin the free flow of this piece.

This Indian influence also seems the reason for the name given this song. Our vocalist here is presenting some sort of lamentation which is perhaps the best way to connect with our heavenly theme. Simply put: Beautiful!!

Reviewed by Anders Akerheden on 17-oct-2001 

The listener is captured already from the very first bar in this mellow ambient piece. From the tingling of the cymbal to fade-out of the harmonious melody Crying out is nothing but pure beauty.

Actually beauty is the wrong word for it; there’s really nothing interesting about such a feature. This song however is very intriguing. It contains all the proper ingredients for a good song and then some to add on to the spiciness.

The various parts of the songs all form a fascinating unity of harmony and musical tenderness. A steady rhythm in the background functions as a base for the melodious elements: a piano taking turns playing the melody and chords synth sounds and an Indian (?) male voice – which reminds me of Deep Forest’s folk meets electronica-type of style.

Perhaps the rhythm could’ve been a bit more adventurous instead of going at a regular pace although out the song. On the other hand there are so many other things going on that this is barely noticeable if you don’t listen very critically.

The greatest flaw in this piece is its durability or should I say: lack of durability. To get the proper feeling for such a freeflowing song like Crying out you’d have to hit the ”repeat”-button since the song itself is so short!

New age can never be properly appreciated in merely 3 minutes and 21 seconds. Don’t be afraid to take your time in conveying the message of this high-spirited mystical piece of music. 

Reviewed by Lisa from HMC on 17-oct-2001 

Distant Lands

I’m listening to your song Distant Lands : Beautiful! Piano with a “transparent” harp, lovely synth-pad and that voice… Wow! Please tell me it’s a sample or I’ll question my synths…..

It must be from your EMU. I like the progression in the song! And the twist at 2:12 is very good! I only think it’s a shame there’s a house-beat coming in.

This song really stands out of the rest because of the beautiful guitar (clever; panning it from left to right almost makes it sound like a real one), a nice bass-line and incredible pan-flutes.

The tubular bell at 3:48 shouts “Mike Oldfield” straight away :-). And then the song becomes more calm and symphonic again. Very nice song!!!

Reviewed by Mike Andrews on 17-oct-2001

Dreams Are Forever

This is such a dream sequencesque (?) tune, and alot of emotion flows through me while listening to this. Haunting and mystical, and the pipes flow very easily. One of your best tunes to date.
One to listen to time and time again.

Reviewed by Stuart Hayes on 17-oct-2001 

A nice peaceful flight over a countryside somewhere in the east. Soaring west over rolling hills towards a setting sun. A nice track.

Reviewed by Al Grego on 28-nov-2001

I would put this piece under the label: melodic easylistening. Also “Dreams are Forever” gave me flashback of the Amiga demo-music of the early 90s which also was heavily influenced by melodies of Vangelis and co. When you listen this track more than once you will find nice elements in it. 

Reviewed by Tatu J. Lund on 24-oct-2001 

A uplifting melodic piece with good arrangements. Good sound quality and well put together tones. I visit your music page from regularly. Sometimes I just get the urge to hear some Red Heat. Keep up the good work!

Reviewed by Ian Henderson on 15-may-2002

Echoes of the Past

The violin is so great here at the first, which gives the tune an excellent start, and the follow up with bass, drums and strings is so.. dreamy! I’m filled with such emotion that it can’t be explained in simple words. This.. is a great tune! 
Keep up the good work, and the work will be kept.

Vegard Rafteseth

Echoes of the Past is the first of 26 pieces of your music I’ve downloaded and one of the most interesting tunes I have ever heard. Not to detract from all the rest of your wonderful work. It ranges from soulful to estatic without missing a beat. I love it. Keep up the great work!! Thanks for making all your work available! I listen to all of it often.

Reviewed by Dave Freidel on 18-may-2002 

Temple of the Sun

Ever since I heard the piano at the start of Mike Oldfields Sentinal I fell in love with its melodic sound and this tune really does compound the fact. After listening to it a few times on the trot it sounds like a few instrument playing a similar chord line or two. This makes it very easy to pick up the tune and hum/whistle along too always a bonus in my book. Also the faint bird chirping at 1 minute inn makes for a relaxing intro (ish) before picking up again to another good ending to an all round well executed piece

Reviewed by Stuart Hayes on 17-oct-2001 

Time Out

I am not a musician just an enthusiast but I really like this tune. It is very unusual and puts you in a different sort of mood. I would like to hear more music like this but it is very rare. I listen to as many artists and songs as I can and RedHeat is definetely one of my favorites.

Pros – This should be a classic. It stands out among the crowd!

Cons – As long as it was I was left wanting to hear more!

Reviewed by Steve on 14-feb-2002 

Your Time Out is really a fantastic piece of music! I love the sound of piano! I just can’t stop listening to it no matter what I do… Keep up good work! 

Reviewed by centti on 17-oct-2001 

Cover Art

Transcript of CD Insert

Well, I’m a one man band, I play the synthesiser and have been writing music for the last couple of years (since early 1998). My early stuff is pretty dreadful, but that was when I first began composing so it was to be expected. 😉

If you really want to ‘treat’ yourself to the old stuff, feel free to drop by my other website, or get hold of the ‘RedHeat Old Hat’ CD. The music I write is original and I hope you enioy it. The motivation behind my music is purely enjoyment – I love composing music and its even more enjoyable hearing comments about it from you!

As far as musical style is concerned, I like to compose music which is almost unique which is why a lot of my music sometimes mixes several styles together at once. It’s not uncommon to hear my music jump to and fro between styles several times in one song!

I hope you find this CD compilation enjoyable. If you feel the need to get in contact with me please do so! – see the contact info.

Performed By: Redheat

Album UPC: 194171475375

Label: Sonic Soundscapes

Released: 2001

Year: 2001

Genres: Easy Listening: Orchestral, New Age: Progressive Electronic

Moods: Mood: Intellectual

Sounds Like: Mike Oldfield, Tangerine Dream, Vangelis