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Old Stuff is Old

Temple of the Sun” -Ever since I heard the piano at the start of Mike Oldfields Sentinal I fell in love with its melodic sound and this tune really does compound the fact. After listening to it a few times on the trot it sounds like a few instrument playing a similar chord line or two. This makes it very easy to pick up the tune and hum/whistle along too always a bonus in my book. Also the faint bird chirping at 1 minute inn makes for a relaxing intro (ish) before picking up again to another good ending to an all round well executed piece

Stuart Hayes, 17th October 2001

Universe” – The simplicity of the tune is what I think is it’s strong point. Nothing complex and very catchy to boot. Goes a bit weird with about 3 mins left to play but it does’nt really detract from the overall tune. This has really grown on me over the last few weeks.

Stuart Hayes, 17th October 2001

Circular World Very talented experimental and traditional composer who uses many layers in his songs to convey moods — This song is his spin off-experiment of Tubular Bells I — the secret lies in the melody, which is, in fact TB I’s first bar backwards.

MP3.com – The Cat’s Meow 

Sudden Uplift” – The beat that starts this beautiful song off is not imposing like many of its genre. It is merely a calm repeating drum beat which after a short while starts changing itself ever so slightly. After a little while of pure beat a nearly perfect piano melody is added to it to produce one of the most emotionally stiring musically euphoric peices of sound ever composed.

Leo Staley, 5th January 2002

Old Mak” – Despite being classed as a Joke tune this is actually quite good. It’s a revamped version of the old kids favourite “Old Macdonald” and it is quite funny. The arpegio on it is superb. How a growed-up like myself can happilly tap his toes defies logic but I cant help it. It really is that sort of tune. All I can say really is download it play it and enjoy it.

Stuart Hayes, 17th October 2001

Studio Notes

The majority of this material was made as a teenager back in the 1990s while composing via traditional hand-played and sequenced recordings.

At the time there was not a lot of hardware in the studio- just 1 Roland XP60 keyboard and a PC MIDI interface. Some of the later tracks feature the use of an Emu ESI4000T Sampler that was added to the home studio in 1999.

This collection is here for nostalgia and historical archival more than anything really, therefore it isn’t distributed on any of the major platforms like the other albums (mostly for quality reasons).

Due to the nature of MIDI and realtime playback from the workstation, some of the tracks suffer from MIDI delay, something I was completely oblivious of how to fix at the time. Unfortunately the hardware is no longer available to re-record the originals, and there is also a lack of lossless audio from this period.

Redheat commentary, 2022.

Track List

  • Alien Entity – Dance
  • Circular World – Experimental
  • Creation – Dance
  • DaShaka – Hip Hop Electronica
  • Fluffy Bunny – Strange Dance
  • GaftYeforb* (Corruption 1) – Experimental
  • Ice Palace – New Age
  • Journey* – Melodic Dance Adventure
  • Irish Blood – Celtic Folk New Age
  • Kinetic Conquest – New Age
  • Late Night, Early Morning  – Easy Listening
  • Mixed Feelings – New Age, Symphonic
  • OldMak – Strange Dance
  • Perfect Daze – Melodic, Down tempo
  • QuitVerirate (Corruption 2) – Experimental
  • Repetitions – Progressive, New Age
  • Resurrection – Melodic Trance
  • Revolutionary – Melodic Trance
  • Roaming* – Generic Ballad
  • Stronger – Experimental Russian Folk
  • Techno Tribe II* – Techno
  • Top of the Bell* – Remix/Tribute
  • Total Obliteration – Melodic Trance
  • TranceDance – Trance Dance?!
  • Universe – Melodic Trance

*= Never released. 

Equipment used:

  • Roland XP60 Workstation
  • Intel P233 MMX
  • Soundblaster Live 128
  • Cakewalk Pro Audio


Performed By: Redheat

Album UPC: n/a

ISRC: n/a

Label: RedHeat

Released: 2022-02-20

Year: 1998-2002

Genres: Melodic Trance, Melodic Dance, Alternative, Miscellaneous, Experimental