Future Sight (Into The Night)

Artwork You are alone at a local airport, itโ€™s past 11PM and all the flights are in for the night. Its dark. While sweeping up the taxiway for the next morning, thereโ€™s a fluctuation of ambient light before a bright vertical portal apparition spirals open above the end of the runway, tentatively curious yet frightened, […]

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Hanami Nights

Studio Notes Blurb: Released on 6th June 2019, Hanami Nights is a Tropical House flavored New Age track, themed upon Japanese pentatonic scale with traditional instruments combined with a western Celtic touch. Hanami Nights entered the New Age music charts at #8 on New Age Music Guide Top Ten for the month of June 2019, […]

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Strawberry Fields

A short but sweet progressive new age track with a story. Music Video Studio Notes May 2019. We had been self isolating for almost a year due to Ilona-Rubyโ€™s cancer ordeal and she was still very sick from the treatments, during the entire winter Iโ€™d taken her on rides in the wheelchair around the village, […]

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Studio Notes Not much to say other than its an evolving piece which grows into a groove with 3 overlapping interleaved bass lines each playing their own melody. Part of the Origins project to make an album produced on a mobile device using stock instruments in a year. Equipment used Artwork

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Be Geezy

Studio Notes Part of the experiment to compose and produce an entire album on a stock-featured mobile device in one year. This track takes on some inspiration from Tubular World by my buddy Mike Oldfield but wraps it in a completely different soundscape. Nice bit of motivational vibe. Equipment used Artwork

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