Packet Radio News – Raspberry Pi & VARA HF TNC Stabilization

A couple of iterations later and a new setup has evolved to help poke VARA TNC back to life while running inside the box86 emulator. On occasion, the TNC can lose its TCP connection ports and become virtually undetectable. The full scripts and documentation have been published in the Packet Radio section of the site here: VARA Linux – Keeping the TNC alive

RPI4 Trifecta: VARA, Packet & ARDOP – One Audio Interface

A major new development for anyone interested in running a Raspberry Pi4 with VARA, ARDOP and Packet modem QtSoundModem together on a single audio interface. The last hurdle standing between a full Linux integration of the popular and extremely powerful but Windows-only x86 application VARA on very low power ARM architecture has now been crossed and is now ready for widespread adoption. This is Winelink on […]