The Escape from Marwinia


A fantastical adventure across the 4th dimension. No matter how hard one’s tries, one can never leave the fantastical, terrifying yet awe inspiring place known only as Marwinia.

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Fantasy, Instrumental, Story, Adventure, Sound Track, Epic, New Age, Orchestral.

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Tools Used

Roland XP60 (Synth)
Korg Triton (Synth)
Korg Z1 (Synth)
Lexicon MPX100 (FX)
Emu ESI4000T (Sampler)
Emu E6400 Ultra (Sampler)
Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 (DAW)


Louigi Verona, 2007

This is a tune that I don’t want to analyze. You know, you listen to a tune and your reviewing experience organizes the tune into pieces of how it’s build, what instruments used, etc. However, it usually kills the pleasure of a good tune. While generally advices may be useful to a beginner, a more advanced composer needs different things, or more serious in depth advices which I cannot give, since I’m just not that qualified. 
But music is written to be appreciated by non-professionals too, right? So we’ll be going about this tune from the point of view of a listener. Yo! 

First of all, if you are still hesitating – get this tune immediately! This tune is absolutely great, one of the best works I’ve heard from CTG! 

Yep, this tune is full of them. While listening to it, several times I was shocked to hear a neat clever melody or a sudden passage or a perfectly oiled arrangement. The reason for these surprises is because we are not used to such music coming from CTG – it has dynamics, tempo changes, varying chord progressions, sudden change of mood or instrument choices. 

Really, we are used to a tune having a simple idea (chorus) and some subthemes (verses), and from the first minutes the idea of the track is quite predictable. The choice of instruments will probably stay the same as will the tempo.

It is totally different in expressive music, like this tune. It’s so good when music is alive, free, not imprisoned to some conditions…

This tune actually develops. If I ever bragged about the need to develop your tune and loosely compared it to “telling a story” – well, this is what I meant. 

You are taken to an absolutely magnificent journey, starting off and not really knowing where will it all lead you.

At the same time it’s not like these are just several unconnected tunes, no. The whole point of development is probably preserving the integrity of the piece somehow. Don’t ask me how, ask m0d! He managed it wonderfully! I have no words to support this.

I am an emotional person, probably as a music lover/composer should be. 

This is an amazing tune, it’s simply one of the best I’ve heard to this day. There is a lot to learn for me from this, but what is really important: this tune is fun to listen too! 

It has beautiful melodies, lots of them, a whole palette of moods, from calm and epic to alarmed and victorious, it is so full of music, you want to listen to it again and again!

Also, this tune tells a story. A story that ends well.

Mister composer, thank you for this revelation. 

Elendar Silvermoon, 2007

Excellent work. It’s the best piece I’ve heard from here. I really don’t know how I can analyze it. It’s one of those pieces of music that’s better listened to than picked apart for all of its little nuances.

The transitions between the slower parts and the faster parts was excellent. I loved the instrument choice, but as the others here I felt the piano was a bit too bright than the music itself called for. I personally would have chosen a darker sound for the piano or tried out a string patch on the melody. 

Overall, I can’t fault the composition. The piano as mentioned was too bright, but really didn’t detract me too much from the feel of the piece. Amazing work! Keep it up!

Amoryllis,, 2007

You get the honor of being my first review 
For a great majority of this song you did an excellent job bringing out the emotional aspect of song-storytelling. You can really almost see the ‘hero”s journey to escape from Marwinia. However, I agree with the other review in thinking that the piano is much too bright for the one area of the song, while it doesn’t take away from the quality, it does break the image in our minds slightly…is this to symbolize the hero’s weakness?

The transitions from each part of the songs, from the hard driving to the soft again, is very impressive, I love how you pulled that off. While I’m not a very accomplished songwriter myself, I know a fantastic song when I hear it! And this is most definitely a song to keep on hand
Lessie, best part to this song? 3:30-5:25! You did a wonderful job controlling the sound of the bells

You deserve the rating you received for this! Keep up the great work!

Martin “slammy” Kilner, 2007

It’s a RedHeat tune. It’s epic. It’s everything I would expect it to be, and here’s why:-

It’s been a year now since I first heard this, and as with the fantastic Discovery, I’ve taken the same approach with reviewing it – take a years worth of listening, to see if I still feel the same way. I have to say, I don’t feel the same about it, as I did last year – it’s grown more on me.

The tune starts off nice and slow, and builds into some sort of grand party of some sort, then suddenly the mood changes, and a kind of sadness fills the air… There is a fanfare that offers hope, then suddenly the entire track turns into a mad struggle for survival, the tempo gets fast, the melodies get fast, and BAM, in drop one a fabulous piano melody, which itself goes fanfare itself, still with the high energy tempo, and it’s incredibly gorgeous on my ears…

Inspiring, definitely. Inspiring. Makes you want to get up from the lazy chair and do something amazing for yourself…

You can’t though, how could you leave this tune? Impossible.

At 3:26, the tempo drops, the mad rush is over, and we’re now treated to a mellow part, with some victorious bells playing over some pizzicato plucks, which lead into a short melody, and then, lead to a slow build, with some crystal sounding glockenspiel melody…. its amazingly epic…

Suddenly, there is the start of something, a march starts to play away in the background, slowly building, then …. then…….BANG in comes darkness, really eerie sounds play, like you’re lost in a dark forest at midnight, and something is chasing you. It’s really something, and it keeps you right there at the end of your seat.

Trust me, music was made for telling stories, and RedHeat shows he is a master of his game. After the darkness, the is a oboe? lead, chased by a violin, then without warning, the theme changes swiftly to a very immensely playful tune, like some sort of hobgoblins drinking, arguing, fighting, and generally being silly and obnoxious…

Awesome. And there we have it. The tune is sadly, over.

Overall this track is a brilliant as it is technically excellent and audibly orgasmic. I cannot think of a single reason to not give this less than 10/10, because to me, it’s flawless. A year ago, I couldn’t help make comparisons to Discovery, and that is the main reason I chose to wait a year to review it. I was right to do this, because today, there are no comparisons to be made, this has nothing to do with Discovery, this is Escape From Marwinia! and I won’t ever forget it. 

koax,, 2007

Nice folk/waltz inspired theme in this! The sounds are nice! The elements are working together!

Creative work on the melodies that come i with the flutes 0.55…that goes over to a nice bridge with a change in mood! nice!!! The piano goes well there!

The composer has ears for structure and skilled! The transitions to this dance/rock inspired piece is just fantastic! wow! I bow my head here! The piano melody is great!

I recommend everyone to hear this! Very heroish theme here! A bit Vangelis inspired in my ears… I can be wrong, but to me it sounds like that! Nice easy transition on 3.26 to a nice warm harmony! The bell chimes is very nice! The sounds sound acoustic and real! The mastering is very good! The arrangement is top notch! It’s been a while since I’ve been amazed by a classical arrangement, and it’s not often I listen to this genre, but I would keep my ears ut for your songs!

The dramatic melody that comes in at 5.42 gives me the chills! THE PITCH EFFECT TO the sounds is very nice creative touch!

My verdict: 10! To me this song is a mashup of RedHeat’s archive of creativity and skills! A very nice application to the music section in paramount pictures or to a game developer! If you haven’t thought about sending out a demo before…do it NOW!

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