ChildreΠ of the Dog Star

So you watch it and maybe wondered… “but why?”

I’ve always had a thing for rotating things that resemble the motion of cogs turning in the mind, windmills spinning in the breeze, space probes flying through space, gyrating with their time-delay integrated image systems…(like Juno).

The track (download), composed on a Sunday morning lying on the bed, the ideas for the visuals just came through from my childhood, from a time when VHS was the only way to re-watch live TV broadcasts like Saturday morning cartoons, but, being a not so well-off family meant we didn’t have one at the time.

So it took over 20 years to track it down – some terrible quality rips from someone’s VHS were eventually uploaded to YouTube, excellent! But where’s the official release? I did some research only to find out that the reason there were no official home VHS or DVD releases was due to the rights “being stuck in litigation limbo” with NZTV for over 20 years!

So no VHS or DVD releases until the late 2000s.

Of course, I was one of the first customers of the special import DVD directly from New Zealand, damn right.

One must understand: this TV program was aired ONCE in the UK in the 1980s- of those few Saturday mornings that I did get to watch TV, I accidentally stumbled upon the very first episode which was a blessing, and got immediately hooked. Sci-Fi kids TV was rare.

This isn’t my first replica built either- I did build a replica when I was a kid out of cardboard and electronics, but of course, no photographs and nothing survived.

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