Please Hold


Imagine the excited tension in the air waiting for a huge rocket to lift off, and then doesn’t. This is the soundtrack to a video created during a rocket launch event at ULA while the rocket was put on hold for 2 hours (eventually being scrubbed for another day due to technical issues).

Live to leap another day.





Fantasy, Instrumental, Story, Adventure, Sound Track, New Age, Optimistic, Inspirational

Release Date

Created on January 12th 2018 during and after the scrub of classified rocket launch NROL47.

Tools Used

GarageBand iOS (Music)
Shapr3D iOS (CAD)
Matter iOS (Quick OBJ Shader)
LumaFusion iOS (Video Production)

Additional Notes

Live tweeting is a thing, and its pretty huge in the rocket launch and NASA Social circles. I frequently participate in the live stream events and this can often lead to some lengthy waits if there are technical anomalies or weather holds. Please Hold was created while in such a hold, waiting for NROL47 to launch, having a few to-and-fro tweets with the CEO and president of United Launch Alliance, Tory Bruno.

The buzz online was pretty nice so while I sat on the couch in the dark, roughly 2AM in the morning, I considered how much I could squeeze out of my iPad and so began the creation of the music, then the video (almost in parallel), whilst keeping tabs on the live Twitter action.

The split screen feature of iOS was essential to capture Twitter, the live stream of the rocket and then using that ability off-screen (not shown in the video) to maximise productivity while waiting for 3D scenes to render while editing the video.

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