La La La!


A track sung, and recorded for the joy of friends and family. For the children. Vocals are real, unmodified. Similar in style to Meow Meow Meow.

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Dance, Electronic, Funny, Children’s Music, Party, Singalong, Silly

Release Date


Tools Used

Roland XP60 (Synth)
Adobe Audition (Vocals)
Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 (DAW)

Additional Notes


St. Arts, 2005

Wow.. This song is really fun to listen. Even tho it’s not my style. Technically this song is really good. The end comes surprisingly. The samples are great and overall you have done good job.

I have to say I’m interested in your music now.. LOL I think this kind of positivity is working.

applesnort, 2006

RedHeat’s ability to create music both adventurous as well as humorous captures the youth in all of us. A captivating melody drives the song, which also features unique chord progressions.

Imagine small children scurrying about, or a relentlessly cheerful preschool teacher–this could be either theme song.

A pleasure to the ear, a smile on the face! 

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