Ice Palace


A surreal, ethereal soundscape, 45 minutes of ambient crystalline ethereal binaural audio- composed to conjure the cold vastness of space and the beautiful swirling storms of Jupiter.

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Fantasy, Instrumental, Soundscape, Ambient, Sound Track, Space Music, New Age, Ethereal

Release Date


Tools Used

Roland XP60 (Synth)
Cakewalk Pro Audio (DAW)
Paulstretch (DSP)

Additional Notes

The original piece is from 1998, titled Ice Palace, the Paulstretch DSP was employed to stretch that piece out to 45 minutes from 6. The result is a superb ethereal experience which has come be be extremely popular on ambient radio playlists. Ice Palace has been released for quite some time on all digital stores worldwide. If curious, the original Ice Palace track has been released in a compilation album, available on Spotify.

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