Set sail for a new world. 

00:00 – The Adventurous Ones
02:00 – Goodbye 
02:35 – Calm Waters 
04:45 – Storm on the Horizon 
05:20 – Riding the High Tides 
07:02 – Drifting 
07:35 – The Glorious New Land

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Fantasy, Instrumental, Story, Adventure, Sound Track, Epic, New Age, Orchestral,
Celtic, New Age, Progressive Rock, Sound Track.

Release Date

Composed in October 2004

Tools Used

Roland XP60 (Synth)
Emu ESI4000T (Sampler)
Korg Karma (Synth)
Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 (DAW)

Additional Notes

This track wasn’t mastered until April 2019, this means the release on Spotify under Winter Bynes Records is the original, studio recording version. The mastered version is available via Bandcamp, and will be released on all platforms including Spotify at a later date, funds permitting.

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Martin ‘Slammy’ Kilner, 2006

What can I say about this tune?

The pick of 2004 and 2005 for me, in many many ways and unless something staggering as this is released in 2006, then this will be my pick of this year too!. 

I commented quite early on about the wonder of this tune, however I declined to review at that time…. Now, after over a year of ear orgasms, I can finally say what I feel about this track…

It warms me from the insides, all the way through my body… the sound is amazingly full and vibrant.

There are quite a few chapters to this tale of discovery, and each one is different, telling a wonderful story from setting out to sail, to beautiful nights under stars (at least that’s where ‘calm waters’ takes me too!) , to ravaging storms, to finally finding the promised land….

Despite the different tempos and styles, the entire piece fits together seamlessly, and each telling its part amazingly well.

Riding the high tide is totally fantastic – and at first I really didn’t appreciate this part as much as I do now…

Melodically (is that a word?) this piece is perhaps the high point of the track – no coincidences that its also in the central section of the track…

The thing is – with such a high powered part right in the middle like that, how could the tune continue to keep the listener interested after it was over?

Simple, the accordion piece that follows is as glorious as it is interesting, and keeps a genuine full 100% interest in the tune….

I just can’t get enough of each of the different parts….

Coupled together with a low-key, yet ‘victorious’ ending, which winds down the whole adventure perfectly.

Musically, there is something here for everyone. There are techno-like parts at the start, with dreamy romantic music following, which is undoubtedly ‘cute’.

Following that there is some rock opera that finishes on a synthlead high…. then folk music, and a neat orchestral ending. Its startling how it all works together. It does though, and fantastically well.

Technically, all I can say is the mixing is awesome, the sound quality is fantastic, and that Redheat really knows his way around his synths/samplers and stuff. 

Brilliant stuff, one that I will keep forever in my collection.

Elendar Silvermoon, 2007

I’ve reviewed another one of your pieces, and I am impressed yet again. I love the mix of synths and orchestra in this piece. The section with guitar at around 5:30 reminds me alot of Jim Steinman’s work. The instrument around 7:40 makes me feel like I’m in the heart of a city somewhere in Europe (or a similar fantasy land). The overall feel of the music brings the listener to a different place, which is a key aspect I look for in this type of music.

Overall, I love the structure. The arrangement is excellent and none of the parts get repetitive, another very impressive piece of music. You definitely have the skills to go far with your music. I can hear this going into a video game soundtrack. 

FeralCode, 2006

General impression 
This IS serious work, really. Fully agree with slammin vinyl (Martin Kilnet). Mike Oldfield came to my mind (05.20, hehe) after I listened this piece, not to compare, or anything, but it is so much a complex and lots of theme piece with quick theme changes, as some of his older works.

Fully melodic instrumental piece with excellent sounding, I wonder with what you composed this. (Edit: now I know, thanks.)

What I liked 
Full of melodic parts in lots of music style from easy listening to symphonic, soundtrack, ambientish, still it is one in all.

It is a nice travel in time and emotions, from modern to old music, with some celtic (am I wrong?) traditional melodies. The piece is composed with high care, all instruments sound nice and clean. It is mixed properly.

Technically it is nicely done. 

What I would do differently 
Nothing. At least nothing came to my mind when I listened. 

Overall? A must to listen to this.

I don’t remember when I heard last time a complex but very nice piece like this.

troupe, 2006

Going to have to reinforce the 9.5 on this one mate. This really is a fantastic track, one of the best I’ve heard in a long, long time. The word that comes to mind is epic. You tell quite a story in 11 minutes.

The sound quality is just amazing, the composition is amazingly professional, the arrangement is near flawless, the musicianship is great. I’m going to do something unusual for this review because my normal comments would be pretty much worthless here (as there’s nothing to fix), so here goes my chronological review.

The tune begins with some really nice percussion with some backing pads. Some filter sweeps support until the flute melody comes in along with the rest of the backgrounds for this section, which sounds a bit bassy to my ears. I’m a big fan of trebley mixes though, so maybe that’s just me. 

The electronic break is really nice, good transitions. Like the synth sample you use here, and the introduction of the strings is just killer. I need to get this hardware you’re using.

After the nice flute break we are introduced into a new section by a SICK guitar riff. Once again I need this hardware.
Very dreamy section with the voice melody up next. The pluck sound supporting the lead is nicely done. Once again we here the phenomenal flute sample playing a very nursery-rhyme-esque theme.

Almost to 5 minutes, and trouble appears to be brewing here. Things take a turn for the minor, but the lonely flute plays on. Some great string riffs open up a new section here. And oh no! Rock percussion and church bells! What’s this, an amazing rock battle segment. The mix is a bit cluttered it seems, but fantastic arrangement.

The new section is introduced by a guitar-like synth with a very moving melody. And then an unexpected turn, an accordian starts to play us a very celtic theme, supported by nice deep percussion and strings. I must say, this is my favorite portion of the song.

These are some of the most amazing melodies I’ve heard in ages. I just can’t get over that accordion sound either, it sounds like you’ve hired a German master to come play for you

This is definitely the most powerful section of the piece emotionally as well, sounds just like a bustling town. Really, really quality stuff here.

The outro is well done, we hear the now-familiar flute, supported by a great sounding guitar and soaring strings. The harp and strings sound really lush together, and this ending leaves us on just the right note 

This is a HIGHLY recommended download, you won’t be disappointed. The skills and resources that went into this piece are incredible, I can’t commend you highly enough my friend. But keep an eye on your hardware, I’m definitely coming to rob you one day.





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