Origins, released on 19th January 2019, is a collection of interconnected instrumental pieces with strong world influences in an easy listening format. This album is designed to be played end to end, with each piece flowing into the next for an hour of soothing relaxation, with uplifting themes interspersed with gentle meditative parts.

Sonic Soundscapes. Space, Sound & Simple.

Genre: New Age: Ethnic Fusion

Release Date: 2019

There are two versions of Origins, the original mix (pictured left) and the radio mastered mix (pictured right). The latter is recommended and is the one included in the [Play] links below.

Tracks: [Play All]

  1. Return to Marwinia [Play]
  2. In The Light [Play]
  3. Just a Robot [Play]
  4. Falcon Heavy [Play]
  5. Upon Horseback [Play]
  6. Tubular Dogs [Play]
  7. Thinking Time [Play]
  8. Aether [Play]
  9. Be Geezy [Play]
  10. Digi Hastus V1.0 [Play]
  11. Cassini Theme [Play]

Both versions of Origins are available worldwide via:

Origins Reviewed

  • Read the review of the Origins album by New Age Music Guide here.

Bonus Material

  • How To Make a Potential Difference (2018, Origins’ Working Title)
  • The Making of Tubular Dogs
    • Early stages of Tubular Dogs prior to instrumental expansion and mastering. The video is a celebratory demonstration to explore the powers of the iPad Pro on which is was composed and produced.

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