Genre: New Age: Contemporary Instrumental

Release Date: 2006

An album constructed with adventures, crusades and experiences. Eclectic, powerful music with presence and passion. A welcome addition to any New Age, Orchestral and World Music music collection.

The pieces on this album were composed over a number of years between 2001 and 2006, each piece describes instrumentally a place and time in the artist’s life, transporting the listener through ethereal mysterious discoveries to crusades and adventures across a soundscape befitting of a fantasy realm. 


  1. Discovery [Play]
  2. The Escape from Marwinia [Play]
  3. Kyria [Play]
  4. Midnight [Play]
  5. Marwinia Forever [Play]
  6. Starlight [Play]
  7. What If? [Play]
  8. Retrospective [Play]
  9. Year’s End [Play]

Marwinia is available worldwide via: