Dawnbreaker Part 1 (EP)

Red’s Notes

Hello! It’s 2020, and time for some new music. Dawnbreaker is a four piece sewn into one track, ethereal hard science & fantasy with new age influences especially. The individual parts of Dawnbreaker part 1 have titles:

  • The Spectral Ghost
  • Dawnbreaker Launch (see Inspiration below)
  • Jupiter Descending
  • The Lake

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Dawnbreaker Launch was initially composed for the unofficial announcement of TRSI’s spacecraft launched by Rocketlab in last 2019, unfortunately while it was successfully launched into orbit, the experimental satellite suffered an anomaly which meant only its backup beacon operated.

The cube satellite built by Paul Kocyla launched aboard Rocket Lab’s Electron rocket which is currently track-able via https://celestrak.com/

  • International Designation: 2019-084H
  • Norad Catalog: #44831

The Rocket Launch

Dawnbreaker Artwork

The image used for this release is an original artwork created with real image taken by OsirisREX asteroid reconnaissance and sample return mission. The image is of the largest boulder on the surface of Asteroid Bennu, standing at over 45 meters. The image has been rotated and colourised to display what appears to be a likeness to heart shape from multiple angles:

Bennu Boulder #1, 45m wide, largest boulder on Asteroid Bennu, Image rotated and boulder colourised, its a heart!
Angle 1
Bennu Boulder #1, Rotated and colourised the biggest boulder on Bennu (45m wide)
Angle 2