Quantum of Arse

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Studio Notes

Quantum of Arse was intended as a humorous compo-filler track for Outline Demoparty during the 2010 season. The track was submitted under a false name ”Kabouter Bond” in reference to the James Bond movie ”Quantum of Solace” mixed with a reference to Kabouter Wesley, the angry gnome popular on Dutch television short-feature series ”Man Bijt Hond” (“Man Bites Dog”).

Kabouter Wesley

The track scored poorly in the competition- which is a good thing in this scenario, as my main compo entry scored reasonably well! Despite poor performance in the competition, Quantum of Arse made a few appearances on Scenesat Radio, especially during several Drum & Bass oriented shows.

Newschool / Streaming Music
1    Stu – “Earth (Original Version Stereo Mix)”
2    Response/Darklite  – “Retrocession”
3    m0d – “Shooter Boss Reloaded”
4    Spexzter/Darklite – “I’m going to be”
5    Cosmiq / Inque – “Club Epoch”
6    EatMe – “Meow”
7    The Danish Musician – “Abfarth”
8    Cosmiq / Inque – “The last breakpoint”
9    Bassie / RBi – “Allnighter’s Child”
10   Dipswitch – “12.00 Dread”
11   Quantum of Arse – “Kabouter Bond”
12   discomeats – “Dr Bob and the Casiotones”
13   A-Flash – “Step Into A Rotten Spaceship”
14   Haohmaru – “Pizza Calzone”
15   Haohmaru feat. discomeats – “F_11”

Equipment used:


  • Renoise 2.8 DAW
  • Alienware M7700 Laptop
  • Zoom H4N Audio Interface & Recorder


  • 3D modeling Forger Classic iOS
  • iPad Pro 4th Generation
  • 3D rendered in Matter iOS
  • Artwork post production in Procreate iOS


Performed By: Redheat

Album UPC: See Not Safe for Life

Label: Redheat

Released: 2010


Year: 2010

Genres: Drum & Bass, Orchestral, Symphonic Rock

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