Studio Notes

Open Streaming Music Competition
 01   127 Groove Slut (Unfinished Desperate Whore Mix).mp3 - KEiTO
 02   116 Oldskooltrance - Buzzer
 03   114 Crisis - m0d
 04   101 Everything Is Relative - Gasman
 05   100 Contact - Skipp
 06    92 Heartbeat (Final Cut) - Benny
 07    88 Awake From Ur Dreams - Bexta 
 08    85 Timelord - Saga Musix^Gravity
 09    79 BCL - soops
 10    78 longrun(sundown edit) - ko0x
 11    71 Tension - Qorealis
 12    70 The Long Path - Ham^SFL

2008 First Track made in Renoise with the glitch vst and samples. Released in a compo at Sundown 2008. Being completely new to Renoise there was very little grasp of the audio mixing involved thus this track is quite muddy. Voice samples recorded directly off a shortwave radio from a random broadcast.

Due to the quality issue with this track there are no plans to release it on other major platforms.

This track would mark the beginning of the “Renoise phase” that would eventually come to an end in 2016. The different method of production with a tracker like Renoise has an impact on the style of music created.

Many of the later productions would eventually come close to matching the more accustomed New Age style attributed to Redheat. i.e Bells after Sundown and Tales from the Bell Tower.

Equipment used:

  • Renoise 2.6 – samples only, dblue Glitch plugin.
  • Alienware Laptop 2GHz, laptop used to belong to Giles Constant aka Meaty. RIP.
  • Cover 3D modeling in Shapr3D Beta iOS
  • 3D rendered in Matter iOS
  • Artwork post production in Procreate iOS

Cover Art

Performed By: Redheat

Album UPC: n/a

Label: Redheat

Released: September 2008

ISRC: n/a

Year: 2008

Genres: Electronic