X My Pi (Album)

Studio Notes

A collection of bouncy short but sweet chip-tunes composed on and recorded from on the Commodore Amiga 1200. AHX format. Original unofficial release 2006.

Remastered with fully re-recorded material directly from a real Commodore Amiga, composed in AHX Tracker.

Audio post production and file encoding done on a Raspberry Pi4.

Many of these tunes exploit bugs (out of bounds parameters) to cause some glitch effects. Naturally, emulators/PC-playback routines didn’t anticipate this and summarily crashed to pieces when these chip-tunes were first released.

If you have a fairly up-to-date copy of XMPlay with the hivelytracker-ahx plugin, you should be golden to play the original source files.

An updated version of AHX for high-end Amigas, supporting up to 16 channels of AHX synthesis- Hivelytracker. Compatible with AHX and has its own format (HVL) for advanced synthesis such as ring-modulation.

Equipment used:

  • Commodore Amiga 500+
  • Commodore Amiga 1200/030
  • M-Audio FastTrack Pro USB Audio Interface
  • Raspberry Pi4 (just for the post-production mastering)


Track list

1. Space Pie Shuffle

2. Piebotica

3. Stranger’s Pie

4. Streets of Pie

5. Children of the Pie

6. Pienataur Returns

7. Evil Ate My Pie

8. Discovery of Pieland

9. Pie Pierced Ears

10. Pie Stomper

11. Lava Burnt Pie

12. Pie Star

13. Chip Shoulder

14. Happie Happie Pie

15. Incognito Crust

16. Meat Pie

17. Starzest

18. Therepie

19. Strobulated Pie

20. Cheese Pie

21. Digital Retribution

22. Sundown

23. Meow Meow Meow

Performed By: Redheat

Album UPC: 195999515199

Label: Redheat

Released: 2021-02-01

Year: 2021

Genres: Electronic: Chiptune, Electronic: Folktronic

Moods: Mood: Upbeat