Executable Music for Win32

These tracks have been composed in a special type of Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) called a Tracker. The audio is produced by home-brew custom synthesis virtual instruments, coded by friends in the demoscene (a digital art subculture that branched off from the software-cracking scene).

The data generated by the tracker is then compiled into assembly language and then combined with the code for the synthesizer that is then compiled into a binary program and then heavily compressed to produce a file that is a self-contained executable.

The executables- once run, play the entire track from a few kilobytes. An empty Microsoft Word document already exceeds this amount!

The executables are compressed with specialised compression routines developed by the demoscene to enable a type of size-coding competition, with the challenge being who can make the smallest EXE music with the best looking visual demonstration attached. There are typically two categories: 4 Kilobytes, and 64 Kilobytes. The demos typically produce visuals in excess of 4K high definition, in real time.

My tracks here are not for any visual size-code-competetive demos, instead they are standalone pieces. There are only a few, each one improving on the next.

I consider Gravity Assist to be my best executable music as it was combined with a video for the NASA Juno mission to Jupiter, and featured on the Sounds of Scenesat Volume 6 compilation & disk-magazine.

Music Video

Executable Music

The runnable file is in the ZIP-archive of executable music attached below.

Due to the use of highly efficient but CPU intensive compression mechanisms, some of the demoscene tools used to make these files has been co-opted by evil virus writers. Therefore executable music downloaded frequently triggers anti-virus software.

Executable tracks take some time to pre-calculate so depending on the spec of your PC expect to wait around 3-5 minutes after launching before audio commences. Some of these will also run under Wine for Linux.

DISCLAIMER: At your own risk.

Performed by: Redheat

Published on: The Sound of SceneSat, Vol.6

Label: Scenesat

Album UPC: 859744663527

Date: 2021-08-22 (Created in 2016, released 2021)

Year: 2016