Various contributions have been made to the NASA planetary space probe Juno some of which have been included in NASA’s own documentary about the project to investigate Jupiter. The project inspired a lot of visual material as well as music, including a piece of audio-visual media titled “Gravity Assist”.

NASA documentary featuring work by RedHeat (alias Wintje)


Visual Media

Below are a select few of the images that were contributed to the public processing gallery as works of abstract art. If you wish to view the full collection, the gallery featuring the works by RedHeat are on the NASA website here

  • Juno Has Arrived
  • The Wormhole Generation
  • Juno Casting Poster Art
  • Jovial
  • Jovial Lowres Early Stages
  • Jovian Brainstorm [Splatter Theme]
  • Streaky Juno
  • Young Jupiter (With Juno)
  • The Power of Three
  • Tesseract
  • The Jovian Generation
  • The Jovian Generation
  • Wintje Was Here

Juno Mission Coin

Impressive for a 1st Prize!

On 4th July 2016, ULA- the corporation that launched the space probe into space also launched a competition to celebrate the arrival of Juno at Jupiter after the 5 year long wait for Juno to cross the expanse to get there. A blog post about this series of coincidences and cool interactions with NASA and ULA staff laid the foundations for a blog post of its own which can be found here.

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