Vlog Videos (Instrumental)

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Memories and music, some of the pieces of music are original compositions archiving memories for those times when we need to reflect upon them the most. I met Ilona-Ruby in 1998 on DalNET IRC network.

Within a month I had decided to leave home and venture into the world, leaving Birmingham for the Netherlands. As of 2019 we have been together 21 years.

I was 17 going 18 at the time of departure. We were engaged to marry on the 4th day of visiting her in the Netherlands. We lived together since April 10th 1998, having initially met on February 19th 1998, consequently getting engaged on the 23rd of that same month.

We officially married in 2003 on June 6th. She inspires my music through the love and her smile. We will to die old together. 🎀 Ilona recently had to fight off a serious bout of cancer, the first three videos were created before the discovery and diagnosis, Winter 2018 was a tough one emotionally for us both.

June 2019, just before our 21st Anniversary she was given the all-clear after a very testing 6 months of darkness and uncertainty. We are glad the winter is over. We hope you enjoy these videos and music, you can find more information and cool stuff on http://eindhoven.space or http://red-heat.com