BPQ32/LinBPQ Cheat Sheet

Please note that this page is still under construction.


Throughout this document, the command PASSWORD is not a prompt to enter an actual password, it is a command that must be typed in order to gain sysop (administrator) access.

The < and > characters define an action, such as pressing enter, or substitution with a user input, depending what is between them.

Reloading AXIP Table

Reload the AXIP/AXUDP configuration while the node is running, especially useful on linbpq where this is not an obvious option available.

PASSWORD <hit enter>
EXTRESTART <port number> 1

Delete All Nodes

Sometimes it’s necessary to kill an entire node table especially while experimenting and fine tuning links.

PASSWORD <hit enter>

If you wish to remove only one node, the command can take the callsign and SSID as a parameter

PASSWORD <hit enter>
NODE DEL <callsign-ssid>


BPQ Telnet Mail Forward

Using the BPQ BBS Connect Script (accessed via the HTTP interface)

Location: Mail Mgmt->Forwarding

To FBB (note the period (.) before the username is intentional):

ATTACH <axip port number>
C <dns hostname or IP> <FBB port> .<username> <password>

To Other:

ATTACH <axip port number>
C <dns hostname or IP> <telnet port> <username> <password>

Connecting to a URONODE

URONODE apparently requires two different UDP ports- just remember to port forward whichever one becomes your incoming port on your ISP connected home router/gateway.

MAP <callsign(-ssid)> <hostname/IP> udp <outgoing port> SOURCEPORT <incoming port> B