Packet Radio Pages

BPQ Chat Server Notes
How to make custom chat rooms, reachable via node command and/or direct AX.25 alias/callsign connection.

Configuring an AEA PK232 for use with BPQ32 (or linbpq)
A configuration guide for the relics of an era where blinkenlights were a big selling point along with the plethora of digital modes all stuffed into one not-so-stealthy box. This document is written to help get the PK232 working with BPQ for packet radio operation, as well as a guide to set up the PK232 as a PACTOR interface.

BPQ Sysop Cheat Sheet
Getting to know BPQ command shortcuts and solutions for frequently missed things. Avoid unnecessary node restarts, increase uptime and availability. This “cheat sheet” is periodically updated with new information.

BPQ and Systemd
Raspbian (Linux for the Raspberry Pi) has migrated away from SYSV to 100% systemd service management. Unfamiliarity with systemd has folks in a spin- this document will show you how to install linbpq as a service.

Forwarding Mail
How to forward mail with my BBS, this document steps through the configuration of BPQMail to enable mail forwarding with the PE1RRR BBS. Can be used as an example template for other BBSes.

BPQMail with JNOS
Having set up a JNOS BBS downstream of my BPQMail BBS, I thought it would be a great idea to write about how that was achieved. Normally forwarding between JNOS and any other system using the same callsign is impossible (it just doesn’t work). This document shows a neat way of getting around that issue using telnet connections internally. Can be applicable to other scenarios too, and generally informative about how the two different BBS systems work.

WWC – Conversd 1.62a
Building, installing and configuring the 20+ year old Worldwide Converse server for amateur radio. This document includes a download of the hard-to-find source code tarball of conversd-saupp1.62a. Ideal for Raspbian Linux users, this guide also includes systemd service configuration for conversd.