Amateur Radio



  • Icom 756 Pro III running approximately 50 watts during nominal operation. Very rarely exceed 70 watts due to the high probability of RFI.
  • Icom 703 – a low power all band all mode transceiver used primarily for the operation of the 20m 14.105LSB Packet Radio AX25 300 baud HF/shortwave emergency data link.
  • Yaesu VX-7R – handheld tri-band transceiver now relegated to the role of 432MHz/UHF receiver for the APRS system.
  • Bosch KF161 VHF transceiver, APRS receiver for 144MHz/2m.


The ‘M’ configuration G5RV Jr.
  • G5RV Jr Antenna – Due to space limitations this is a sub-optimal installation, the antenna is raised above ground using two 20m fiberglass fishing poles, with about 1/4 of each end of the wire positioned vertically in order to fit the entire antenna within 9 meters of back yard. This results in an ‘M’ configuration, with the ladder feed line being the centre of the M.
  • Diamond X25 co-linear for VHF & UHF multiplex APRS reception for the APRS network.
  • Home brew Turnstile 70cm satellite antenna for SDR based Amateur Satellite operation.
  • Home brew ADSB 7 element co-linear antenna for aircraft transponder reception into ADSBexchange(.com).