Meow Meow Meow Man’s Sky

I don’t usually get wonderful stuff so early in the morning but a twitter friend CaptainHarpo has just posted their visit to my No Man’s Sky build on a planet in the Euclid galaxy, a game that has stolen my heart because it is such a beautifully crafted procedurally generated universe that has some of the most innovative use of code I have seen since the demoscene ate my nightbacon.

Both myself (Xbox: redheat) and my wife Ilona-Ruby (Xbox: LaKittyPitty) have spend hardcore hours together exploring this work of art with all of the special expeditions completed too.

No Man’s Sky is a living, breathing thirteen gigabyte demo that just keeps getting better and better with each new update. Hello Games produces these updates at no additional expense and there are no micro transactions whatsoever in the game, it is amazing.

I have had a bash with the “Bytebeat” chiptune in-game synthesizer though I find it hard to work with such a small number of notes. In this base build, I used three groups of synths, two configured for C-major and the other for F-minor. This allowed me to make at least half of the Meow Meow Meow kitty song main melody. The Bytebeat song is actually long enough to recite the whole main verse but I had to make a choice between phrase complexity versus timbre, and I opted to make it sound awesome with layered timbre.

I have been told that automatically power cycling the animal farming equipment (the milkers) for drums was brilliant.

I look forward to seeing what is still yet to come as Hello Games surely has something very very special here.

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