[Ham] PiLinBPQ Ready To Go

Hello! A bit of a break from the usual music posts, this post is intended for the radio amateur as due to the COVID-19 lockdown an increased number of people are seeking projects out to help pass the time (myself included), so a long overdue revitalization of the packet radio hobby is right here, right now!

I’ve put together a configuration and distribution with the latest and greatest software released under the Beta program by G8BPQ together with a bunch of scripts to help folks explore the realm of Packet Radio with their Raspberry Pi.

The distribution includes the latest version of BPQ32 build for ARM architecture, QtSoundModem and QtTerm together with my ”unofficial” update scripts capable of pulling the latest build down from G8BPQ’s website repository.

If you’re savvy and up for a challenge it is possible to get this to run on a regular x86 PC with many distributions of Linux.

The tarball contains documentation and configuration pretty much ready to go, only a few things need to be edited to set your callsign, file paths and a couple of parameters such as grid square locator, GPS coordinates and APRS-IS password.

To learn more, I have put a whole page up about it here.

While you’re here, if you’re looking for an online community to get help with setting up packet radio systems I recommend The Packet Revival group on Facebook.