ARS Radio: RedHeat News

ARS Radio

ARS Radio (Automatic RedHeat Stream) is now online, a visual experiment with acoustic accompaniment. Drawing many parallels with the latest in space exploration, live streaming has become a paramount centerpiece of each new endeavor into the great unknown, as such RedHeat proudly presents ARS Radio- live on YouTube 24/7. This “station” features new & curious old pieces excavated from the recording archives.

In order to view the stream, please subscribe to the RedHeat Channel.

:o) 🐟 🐠 👀 [Direct link to stream]

*Stream automatically reboots every half an hour for stability, the entire system is operating wirelessly via a Raspberry Pi. It should recover within 20 seconds, or less. If the stream is offline, please check back a little later, there can occasionally be signal dropouts due to interference.