Origins II News

Posted by Red:

The music is an early sneak preview of the upcoming but so far unscheduled “Origins II” album. Find the first Origins album everywhere under the artist name RedHeat. It’s an instrumental storybook! (non-verbal) The follow up, Origins II will continue the stories, which are all based/inspired by real events and life happenings.

The track featured in this video is tentatively named Challenger Theme, a flashback to witnessing the explosion of the Challenger shuttle, 33 years ago. I vividly recall the school photos were Challenger themed, everyone was so pumped for it, many like me were watching it live on TV when disaster struck.

  • Red Tuby - Challenger 1984
  • Red Tuby - Challenger 1984 - Jodrel Bank Lovel Telescope
  • Red Tuby - Challenger 1984 - School Photo

The video intro is using samples from other launches, but the “go for throttle up” is at the exact point where the shuttle exploded dooming all crew including the first civilian teacher to be going to space. The temperature that fateful morning caused the rubber O-rings in the rocket tank assembly to shrink and malfunction letting fuel leak out during launch, which ignited and caused the rocket to tragically explode. The crew likely survived the explosion in the launch vehicle but died on impact with the ground. Sad stuff. A tribute to them, and a personal reflection upon a very upsetting time for a 6 year old “mad scientist” (their words, not mine).

Signing off for now, Red.

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