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This is an announcement that Origins passed the requisite specifications to be remastered and so it has been sent to a good friend and excellent audio engineer Cliff Anderson (Deathy/DefE D of demoscene and DJ-scene notoriety).

The mastered version of Origins is planned to be released in place of the existing album on Bandcamp as file-replacement is possible there. For other platforms, the remastered version will appear as a new- separate entity.

The remaster brings the audio spec up to radio broadcast levels, but will maintain excellent dynamic range, which is very important for this particular genre of music. Altogether, it should give the listener an excellent experience, and marks the first time external assistance with a release has been sought, so this is pretty serious!

The release should arrive on Spotify and all other digital platforms by the end of March and can be identified with it’s new, unique album art.

Origins Album Art Final
Origins Album Art Final


Calm and engaging music for downtime. Sleep & healing. Origins is a collection of interconnected instrumental pieces with strong world influences in an easy listening format. This album is designed to be played end to end, with each piece flowing into the next for an hour of soothing relaxation, promoting mental wellness through mental stimulation with uplifting themes interspersed with gentle meditative parts. Each individual piece also stands perfectly well on its own.

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Fantasy, Instrumental, Story, Adventure, Sound Track, Epic, New Age, Orchestral, Chillout, Downtempo, Folk, Traditional, World Fusion, Oriental, Chinese Instrumental, Progressive Rock, Meditative, Relaxation.

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Tools Used

Garageband iOS

Additional Notes

Created as a technical challenge, a new DAW (Garageband iOS, on an iPad) as well as an escape from a lot of anguish & pain during the year 2018.

The goal was set to release a complete, coherent and fully produced album for the first time by the following year.

In January 2019 the initial release went out. A week before the deadline there were a few tracks which I could not get to sound right so they were dropped from the album (e.g The Lost Pilots), in their place, Return to Marwinia was composed last minute, and titled ‘Return to…’ as a nod to the release anniversary of the phenomally beautiful piece ‘Return to Ommadawn’ by Mike Oldfield.

The Remaster by Cliff Anderson is scheduled for release on all digital platforms on 1st April 2019. The remastered version already available on the Bandcamp downloads and Soundcloud players.





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