[Art] Jovian Brainstorm

Jovian Brainstorm [Splatter Theme]

Today I noticed that the recent upload of “Jovian Brainstorm” was featured on NASA’s Official JunoCam gallery. The team has featured some of my previous uploads, which were contributed to encourage more people to join in the public outreach endeavor and take part in the fun- both in processing images and/or providing artwork inspired by the images taken by the Juno probe’s “webcamera”.

NASA JunoCam Gallery Screenshot
Featured on NASA Juno’s Website

The “Jovian Brainstorm” image came about while experimenting with some digital fluid simulation tools and I just happened upon a meme on social media which had the perfect colour palette.

Cue a Cheeky Banana

Cheeky Banana!

The distortion and warping of the liquid paint into a globe-like ball to resemble the northern pole of Jupiter- showing the interesting polar vortices I wanted to incorporate in the work.

Jovian Brainstorm Early Stage 1
Jovian Brainstorm Early Stage 1

In the following stage, the added background was created from a photograph of star clusters which were then morphed much in the same way as the banana, the white section at the bottom beginning to resemble something which I interpreted as a human brain stem – this coupled with the hemispherical shape of the blobs of paint reminded me very much of a brain, so thats what inspired the title of this artwork .

Jovian Brainstorm Early Stage 2

Tweaking the colours a little bit, a little more sculpting of the paint, and the addition of some blur on the background resulted in the very pleasing result shown below.

Jovian Brainstorm

Jovian Brainstorm
Jovian Brainstorm (almost finished)

Just goes to show that inspiration can strike from anywhere, and in the most amusing ways, and at any time.


View in is full glory on the Official NASA Juno website!

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