[Track] Starlight

Starlight Cover Art


Fast paced and energetic super power synth retro blast.



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Fantasy, Instrumental, Story, Adventure, Sound Track, Epic, New Age, Orchestral.

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Tools Used

Roland XP60 (Synth)
Nord Rack 1 (Synth)
EMU ESI4000T (Sampler)
Korg Z1 (Synth)

Additional Notes

Original 2001 release notes: This is the second release of 2001, sorry it has taken so long but with moving house you kinda don’t get to do much with a dysfunctional studio! Anyway, this track has a retro feel to is, including some familiar signatures of other songs I have composed, with some really new sounds! I’ve made this one as full as possible with some of the new gear I have, namely the Nord lead. This little instrument is playing the smooth and eerie synthesiser sounds as well as the punchy melody in the beginning. The lead sound towards the end is the Korg Z1 (an unusual MOSS synthesizer for those familiar with the term). I guess you could say the progression of the tune is linear, it doesn’t repeat itself at the end/half way, I tried to spin out many ideas into one journey of a song. I really hope you enjoy this piece!

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