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An accidental journey through a wisp of old memory. Adventure time, for you, perhaps.

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Fantasy, Instrumental, Story, Adventure, Sound Track, Epic, New Age, Orchestral.

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Tools Used

Roland XP60 (Synth)
Korg Karma (Synth)
Korg Z1 (Synth)
Emu ESI4000 (Sampler)
Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 (DAW)

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Gods of Music (.com), 2003

“Retrospective” is a film music style piece written by RedHeat. I’ve had the pleasure of listening to his music before so I was happy to be able to grab the chance to review his latest work. Mr. Tuby’s works are electronically rendered and although there’s always that feeling that it would sound better if real instruments were used for an electronic rendition the production is excellent.

He uses what he has to its full potential combining traditional instrumentations with electronic sounds and sound effects in his works. It’s not entirely classical but on the other hand it doesn’t fit into the new age or electronic genre either.

Sort of a blend of all three can be used to describe this track. “Retrospective” has a very episodic structure jumping from one idea to the next changing moods styles and influences throughout.

There seems to be a pretty big Asian influence on Mr. Tuby’s works use of the pentatonic scales is evident and a lot of the chord progressions and harmonic lines remind me of songs that come out of that area.

I don’t know what the correct description for it is…maybe Modern-Asian-Western music? It doesn’t stop there though; there are some folk music influences that can be heard in the work as well. He seems to have a way with melodies; very nice melodic lines throughout the entire track.

This piece holds no punches in the drama department lots of build-ups and overbearing melodic lines is sure to catch your attention. Maybe a little too much as the overwhelming amount of drama kind of starts to sound a little cheesy after a while.

I think the main problem in this work is that it builds up so much times the mind starts to get numb to it. It might just be the overuse of the suspended cymbal roll or something there that seems to lessen the effect.

The transitions between sections are a little hectic as most of the phrases that are put together are almost entirely unrelated to each other. Individually each phrase sounds great; but I think there was some trouble piecing them together.

Of course in the context of film music this point could be entirely unrelated since in film music the music needs to adapt to the picture not the other way around. By no means is this a bad work; if I were to list all the things he does well I would be here all day. I think the artist has accomplished what he has wanted to do (as a film music track) but it might be hard to attract people to listen to it for other than background purposes as it stands now.

I recommend checking it out for yourself; if you’re into film music it’s definitely worth at least one listen. If not he has a whole selection of works that you can choose from; chances are good you’ll find something you like. 

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