[Track] Gravity Assist


Gravity Assist is a conceptual piece inspired by the NASA Juno Mission- it was composed shortly after receiving a Juno Mission medallion as a surprise gift from United Launch Alliance for the digital artwork contributed to the Juno Arrival Celebratory Competition.





Space Music, Synthwave, New Age, Instrumental, Cathedral, Church Organ, Darkwave, Space Opera

Release Date


Tools Used

Clinkster VSTi
Renoise (Win32)
LumaFusion (Video)

Additional Notes

Gravity Assist was significantly inspired by the NASA Juno Mission to Planet Jupiter
This is a Wind Turbine
This is a Wind Turbine
Wind Turbine
Juno rotates very much like a wind turbine in order to expose all of its instruments to the planet.

Gravity Assist is technically a massive track both in sound and in the synth editor (Renoise). The virtual instrument used to create it is more commonly used in specialised computer-scene situations. The special power of this particular instrument is its ability to compile its own song data into a self-running executable file-

In this instance, a tiny 4.7 kilobyte executable file- compatible with 64-bit Microsoft Windows computers. If curious, the binary can be obtained here.

The binary will execute for approximately 6 minutes while it precalculates audio into RAM, and then behold, it will play!

The virtual instrument (Clinkster) is used to produce the music for real-time technical graphics productions (or ‘intros’ as we call them in the demoscene). These small, all-in-one productions are frequently created by groups of people (combining skill sets such as coding, graphics and music) which are then put to a competition and then a collective vote.

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