In the Node

The amateur radio packet node is a piece of infrastructure to establish links around the world without the Internet, but together with the Internet it takes the pressure off the long distance radio links and lets us (the operators) get together using wormholes- it makes coordinating and practicing administration of such systems a little easier. Instead of stepping through lots of different gateways, a wormhole is a zero-width connection (geographically) and I have a bunch of them open in strategic places around the planet. It is important to practice this hobby with the very few that remain to keep it ‘on’ while the Internet is popular (and working). As soon as a hurricane or other disaster wipes out a network operator, thats when these pieces of infrastructure operated by amateurs come into play.

Though the majority of the readers here won’t ever touch (or be able to touch) this infrastructure, its good to have peace of mind that there are quite a few people who’s seemingly mundane, droll and/or eccentric hobbys incorporate disaster response and humanitarian communications relief.

I call my node: wormholio.