How to make a potential difference by Winter Bynes

Dear readers, this is a tester release/experiment! Please enjoy this months efforts at creating an audio-visual experience. This is an album under construction and a preview into early stages. The temporary working title is shortened to HTMAPD. It’s an electrical joke 🙂 The album will be a proper vinyl release scheduled for the end of 2018, these are mostly ready tracks but not in their final configuration. There are also a few excluded from the tester to keep a surprise.

The testers run for more than an hour, the final vinyl will be a standard 22 minute per side special limited edition 33 1/4 RPM full gatefold and beautiful.

Starting off with the B-side of “HTMAPD”!

PART 1 Side B

Track Listing:

  1. 00:00-03:47 – #CatsMeow
  2. 03:48-09:32 – Digihastus (Cosmic Microwave Background Music- the noise is a repeating signal, not a malfunction :-))
  3. 09:33-15:06 – Aether
  4. 15:12-22:22 – Thinking Time
  5. 22:23-27:48 – The Lost Pilots
  6. 27:50-33:47 – Das OMen
  7. 33:48-37:18 – Good Morning, Humanity (single)

Part 1 Side A

Track Listing:

  1. 00:00-04:30 – In The Light Of The Sparkling
  2. 04:31-11:00 – I’m Just A Robot
  3. 11:01-18:30 – Falcon Heavy: Starman
  4. 18:31-23:19 – My Little Pwny
  5. 23:20-29:33 – Tubular Dogs (with vocal annotations)

Due to an aggressive release schedule the mastered versions for Spotify etc are pending until later this year, meanwhile I hope you will enjoy these pieces as they are.

Single Versions of some of the tracks

Tubular Dogs (instrumental version)

Das OMen

In the light of the sparkling (dedicated to stepfather Mike Tierney)

If you have been, thank you for following. If you have been listening, thank you for healing.

Red & Ilona

The Wind Turbines.