The CHEOPS art for The European Space Agency

The deadline is 31 January, I got it in early, can’t wait to show you the presentation which goes with it. Unfortunately, that will have to wait until after the deadline passes in order to keep the playing field fair for everybody. Even if I don’t succeed, at least I had a massive amount of enjoyment and fun producing a message in a bottle 🙂 nothing more, nothing less. If you’re not up to speed with what this is about, it is about getting artwork on the fairings of a rocket, a Multi million euro/dollar Ariane five rocket. PRESTIGE! CHEOPS the exoplanet telescope!

The Canberra Invitation

CHEOPS is coincidentally also the name of a ship that I designed, and has nothing to do with the logo submission for the CHEOPS telescope.

If you would like to see my ship in action, check out this video 🙂

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  • Help
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Update: =) oh you can’t- I deleted it!

Please join us at Canberra, whoever knows when ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Shouts to CERN.

This is what they are looking for at the LHC =)

Shouts to De Efteling

This is also your dream flight =)