Let’s make 2018 a great year for humanity

A special production just for today 🙂

Greetings & blessings from the Netherlands.

Have a year life full of hope & enlightenment. Humanity must be united.


  • The drawing of a lion by Izzi Rambelje, aged 4.5
  • Photographs from the Solihull News & Solihull Times at Lode Heath School with the Midland Owl Rescue (1993).
  • A painting of NASA Juno,arriving at Jupiter, which won the competition at ULA- a print of it finished was donated to the ULA headquarters Colorado (2017), and one other to Steve Homer, Donegal, Ireland, an old friend from Birmingham whom I met over the radio when we were only kids.
  • The rare mission medallion I received as a trophy for the above painting, given to my love for safe keeping (2016).
  • All of the above, including this post was created on a magical piece of glass no more than 6.9mm thick.
  • The Efteling keystone for Libra / Justice (2017).

CAD drawings

The Ship

The Observatory

The Ice Palace

The corrupted remains of the field generators after the software they were drawn in had some teething problems.

Putting the field generator nacelles on to the ship

Creating the Ice Palace embedded into Asteroid Bennu, which is constructed from real RADAR data

Yes, those are tubular bells/resonators. 🙂

Winter Splines

The Music

Created in the wonderful GarageBand for iOS, honestly- it’s a full studio DAW these days, real-time instruments that are a pleasure to play. Well done Apple! This piece came from a 45 minute jam session, which inspired us to create the production in the YouTube video .

Thanks for dropping by the blog, I hope this post was insightful into the art I love to create- please let us know.

Love & well wishes for a peaceful 2018.

Red & Ilona-Ruby of DON’T PANIC, an art collective established since 1998.

It’s always “us” and not just “me” because I couldn’t have done any of this without my dearest Ilona-Ruby Tuby.

Bonus Production