Warning: delicate and soft audio ⚠️.

Warning: delicate and soft audio ⚠️.

#TinyStar I made this as a test for a new miniature synth. It runs in a self contained executable code, generates the music from about 2.1 kB. #YouTube #WinterBynes #OriginalMusic Please check out my brand new YouTube channel, it has all of the tracks uploading there with original artwork. After 20 years, there is quite a backlog.

I am hoping to achieve 100 videos before New Year. Currently having created 35 in two days, I doubt that will be a problem but it is still a massive challenge nonetheless. Click on the link in the bio, tap the menu and hit the latest videos link. Most importantly, please share, like and subscribe 🐴👍

I also have a Facebook page facebook.com/winterBynes (yay).

We are here to guide the sparks. Open link in menu. Find YouTube channel. Enjoy the freebies. Mostly Bored. Restricted to iPhone/Pad; creator. The #Shrike. #Figure #EindhovenAirport is in this 💞 “In the stars out there; in those stars over there.” – the lyrics to this song.

There’s no singing.

But there is shouting.

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