We don’t go to demo parties anymore?

There was a time when we had the energy to organize them, but something happened which soured the experience for both of us right down to the point where it became completely contradictory to the very root of why such a scene came to exist in the first place. Intimidation? Yeah bye! Engage your empathy drive:

Do us a favor and listen to the music. Piano piece made many years ago.

What if…

Animation, music video. I taught myself how to animate to the level I like the last few weeks in order to show you what I get to see all of the time.

Real places/things:

  • NASA Juno medallion.
  • Jupiter artwork.
  • Eindhoven Airport location.
  • Eindhoven.space
  • Wind Turbines
  • All of the above have intrinsic links, nothing is random- except chances were.

Vimeo Hosted Version: