Space Pants Squad Syndrome

Short blog entry, amazing day, massive smiles on face due to the response on Twitter.

I made this for our space enthusiasts known as the #SpacePantsSquad (kind of an ongoing pileup on Twitter)

Loop with music

The response:

Inside look

  • XD

If you want the sound track it’s called “Meow x 3.14” on the album Tubylar Rockets 2. It’s also executable music which can play from a standalone exe on a Win64 system, weighing in at only 3.2 kilobytes. Download

New Music Jam

On top of that excitement, I also produced a new jam session which you can have a listen to here:

I shared the stems so anyone can remix it by grabbing them from my Allihoopa profile

Hell of a creative day! I hope you enjoyed, thanks for visiting my blog.