Work In Progress – CHEOPS Logo

Today’s efforts included a complete remodel of the “CHEOPS logo”, after purchasing the license for Shapr3D (it is €99 a year or €19 a month, went with a year). If you feel like supporting for whatever reason, – it goes towards paying for instruments like this.

Early Steps

I had a bit of a play around with the scene which is a photograph taken by my other half- absent minded me on the beach:

Uhh that’s not supposed to happen:

At this point I decided to do a remodel to take advantage of a higher polygon count and a less of a hack job towards putting it together, still ended up as a hack job ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Giant shout out to My Coal Field- Mike Oldfield, I guess he taught me everything I know from having him inspire me since I was a child. The irony is welcome: fossil fuelled to renewable Winter Bynes 😀 (I lived quite a bit of my early life in Birmingham, UK).


Quite happy with the outcome, the final is actually 2D rather than 3D as it is to be printed on the side of an Ariane 5 rocket 🚀!

My first model ever: Its taken an iPad Pro and pencil to get me into 3D. Quite a steep curve but i’ll get there, slowly & surely.