Winter is Coming with the Winds of Hope


The name of the mission is CHEOPS (pronounced KEOPS), I am 100% certain the name was chosen for a good reason, considering the role of the telescope. There is a very strong connection between the ancient pyramids in Egypt and the stars. Don’t ask me what it is, I have no idea. Not my area of expertise 🙂 I just know the space agency doesn’t pick names for major telescope missions without seriously focused consideration. *ahem*.

CHEOPS Symbolic Development

I have been inspired enough to teach myself 3D modeling and built a Wind Turbine on my iPad Pro a few days ago, this then also developed into designing an artistic logo for the CHEOPS space telescope that will be launched by the European Space Agency to look specifically at stars with orbiting exoplanets, getting a closer look at what we might consider a new home at some point when interstellar travel is a little less “complicated”. The above images are compositions as pieces of art, not logos. If you’re not familiar with my blog yet, you’ll see this happen quite often as I am first and foremost an artist these days – helping me cope with the collateral from a series of traumatic life experiences.


This refers to the 3D objects only, not the background image of the pyramids.

  • The concentric rings represent a telescope lens, as well as the shape of a rocket engine.
  • Star with orbiting planets within the “lens”.
  • Heart/Delta – The human element. Love.
  • The double turbine – its my space ship, of course! Duuuh. 🙂


This is a short story of what happens, just because it can. All audio/visuals are original content (excerpts from The Summit, Red Reflections & The Lobby, Tubylar Rockets 2 – available in all stores and streaming services, everywhere- Search for Winter Bynes).

Everything here is connected, related and ties into the overarching story of our lives together, love is the only reason I am still alive today. Some viewers may find this video disturbing. It is supposed to be, as it is created from a reflection of a world that is so distracted by noise that even when the signals to steer humanity away from disaster are ringing loud as the bells, some still don’t want to hear it. Well tough. The visuals should compensate well enough for any hearing impaired visitors, as this was taken into consideration as well.

Tangent: Winter Bynes is about Wind Turbines.

Came across this post on my Twitter feed and was thrilled to find “Fully Charged Dan”, also a supporter of Fully Charged Show. I’ve been a patreon supporter from very early on. Dan seems to share the enthusiasm with regards to my babies, but the best bit is the article he linked posted on The Guardian, read it here.

The Airport – What happened to that collapsed building?

Referring to the imagery featured in the “Hope” video above.

I do feel somewhat responsible for having wreaked a building, the marketing department at Eindhoven Airport shot a big dose of bad karma in our direction so I guess this was just a karmatic response, you know- like a nice anomaly that they still can’t get to the bottom of. Hmm!

The physical collapse has costed the development at least €22M (euros) and it is continuing to spiral because it seems the whole thing has to be torn down as a total loss and started over from scratch again. I guarantee you, NOBODY is going to trust the building that partially fell down “because it was an exceptionally warm day”. I had a NOS TV camera shoved in my face while I was taking pictures and a microphone stuck up my nose with a Dutch guy babbling questions at me- I was live streaming at the time to my instagram account (hilarious, I know right?).

Since I was there throughout the time it was being built just chilling at the airport, making my stuff and posting my art on instagram as @ehvairport, the one day we were not there, the building fell down! Incredible timing.

Side note: Regarding the @ehvairport instagram account – due to the bullshit they pulled on my artwork claiming trademark and thus destroying a carefully crafted matrix of interconnecting artwork, I just gave up and told their twitter team to take the username after I had switched it, and they did- and they’ve just sat on it since. So dumb. That said, prior to that I had to have a little novelty fun (good spirited) when they somehow printed my instagram account on their official billboard on the front of the airport ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ The artwork they destroyed with hostile targeted takedowns is still up for viewing on the main menu on the blog. The below video is just something fun I made for the occasion, combining the celebration of pulling off a great night photography picture with the hilarious response when the airport removed the (heavily soiled and damaged) billboard leaving a giant space with just the concrete-affixed “interactive” photo-shoot chair remaining. Of course I wanted to put a painting on the front of my very own airport!

Wasn’t me!


Back on topic. Read this blog post.


It’s very cool stepping into 3D at last. Having to rely solely on an iPad for so long instead of my old studio due to crippling chronic pain from RSI has been a real belter in the stomach, not only physically but almost making us destitute. My career used to be tied to the computer almost 24/7 developing, designing & maintaining vast swathes of the telecommunications systems which make up the internet as well as my own private projects such as The Mod Archive, and managing quite a few IRC communities that I helped to built and nurture (all of which I have had to step away from, it has been 5 years already).

To give an idea of what my previous battle station (studio) looked like, here’s an old photo of it. It is still available if I need it for working the Renoise magic, but I actively do not use it because it wreaks me with pain, which is why I ended up using an iPad as a shield and limitation, it has helped me distance myself from a lot of toxic stuff as well- most of that being people who took me for granted. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The last thing I made on it was Gravity Assist =) The synthwave soundtrack that fitted into 4.7 kilobytes. You can have a listen/watch here- play it loud!