This is a teaser of a design I am working on for a competition- hidden inside a stereo gram, the competition winner gets the design printed on the fairing of a rocket that launches the CHEOPS telescope, a telescope for looking at exoplanets orbiting other stars. We’re looking for a new home.

To view this image, best practice is to be in a darkened room, minimal reflections, relax your eyes until you get double vision- eventually they will lock back into focus while still in double vision and a stereoscopic image should pop out. It is 3D.

Enjoy! Also, I’m more about getting people to participate than winning myself, so have a go! Here are the details.

If you are a member of the European Union, the winner will go to see the rocket launch. It is an extremely rare opportunity considering that the Europeans do not have a European-based launch operation, so going to see a rocket launch is an especially big deal if you are European.

Technical Info

Created on iPad Pro using Shapr3D, Verto Studio and Autosterogram Maker. For color adjustments, MOLDIV.

The texture I used is created from multiple layers of slow-scan-television noise, SSTV is a way of sending pictures over radio using sound- one line at a time, very slow indeed (and noisy!) but this is very much like the system used to bring back the first images of the moon. If you’re old enough to remember fax, it’s kinda like that but designed for even narrower bandwidth than available on a telephone line. The noise in this image is people talking and noise from in a hotel bar, which is why it makes random blobs. Upscaled and stacked in Procreate.